Student Contributions

Here is the full list of student talks. Each five-minute flash presentation will be given one after another during the Student Contributions sessions in the same order as they appear on this page. The poster contributions will be available on the iPosterSessions gallery when the conference begins, click here to see the poster programme.

Tuesday 12 January 2021: 12:15-13:15 [GMT]

Measuring the Atmosphere of WASP-21b - Lili Alderson
RM Effect for Exoplanets - Lucy Dolan
The formation and evolution of discs around young stars - Daniel Elsender
Detection and Characterisation of Transiting Exoplanets from NGTS and TESS - Faith Hawthorn
Terra Hunting - David Jackson
The exoplanet radius valley - Hannah Osborne
Unusual Nuclear Transients - Evan Ridley
Mass-Radius-Composition Relationship(s) for Rocky Exoplanets - Zachary Ross
Modelling the Instrument Performance of the ARIEL Satellite - Vinooja Thurairethinam

Tuesday 12 January 2021: 16:00-16:45 [GMT]

The impact of TESS exposure time on orbital parameter estimates - Cynthia Ho
Characterisation of a Half Wave Plate - Charlotte Braithwaite
Radiative transfer models of eruptive stars and interacting supenovae - Andrew Allan
Modelling Mixing in Novae Outbursts - Arman Aryaeipour
HH 46/47: Outflows from a young star - Matthew Birney
ALMA observations of HCO+ in SN 1987A - Holly Davies
Physical Properties of Pulsating Stars in Eclipsing Binaries - Zachary Jennings
An Interactive Catalogue of Variable Stars - Adam McMaster
Stellar Flares with LOFAR - Jeremy Rigney

Wednesday 13 January 2021: 13:00-14:00 [GMT]

Exploring Photometric Properties of Middle and Outer Solar System Objects - Matthew Dobson
Modelling cometary nuclei - Abbie Donaldson
Investigating the Organic Record of Early Mars - Arthur Goodwin
The aqueous and thermal history of volatile rich asteroids recorded in CI, CM and CR carbonaceous chondrites - Catherine Harrison
"Thermal modeling of asteroids and the Yarkovsky effect" - Anna Kopatko
Science with the WEAVE - LOFAR survey - Marina Arnaudova

Wednesday 13 January 2021: 16:00-16:45 [GMT]

The Formation and Growth of the First SMBHs - Cassandra Barlow-Hall
Galaxy Evolution in Groups and Clusters Behind the Magellanic Clouds - Jessica Craig
Radio AGN in Dwarf Galaxies - Faye Davis
The Orbits of Radio Galaxies around Cluster Centres - Kelly de Vos
Numerical simulations of star formation in Milky Way-type galaxies - Eva Durán Camacho
Monsters in the dark: gas, dust and star formation around supermassive black holes - Jacob Elford
The Distribution of Star-Forming Molecular Gas In Nearby Spiral Galaxies - Helena Faustino Vieira
Analysis of X-ray driven atmospheric loss in multi-planetary system K2-136 - Jorge Fernandez

Thursday 14 January 2021: 12:15-13:15 [GMT]

Extreme star formation modes in dwarf galaxies - Macarena Garcia del Valle Espinosa
Stars & Stellar halos at the EDGE of galaxy formation - Alex Goater
Ultralight Dark Matter Dynamics under Black Hole Absorption - Ningyuan (Lillian) Guo
12 billion years of galaxy evolution - Ilin Lazar
Comparing the theoretical and observational dwarf mass functions: Does the 'missing satellites' problem exist? - Elizabeth Noakes-Kettel
Jets and Winds at the Planet Formation Boundary - Noah Otten
Radio Properties of Broad Absorption Line Quasars - James Petley
Using multi-wavelenght surveys like LOFAR and Meerkat to constraint parameters for high redshift AGN's - Siddhant Pinjarkar
The stellar initial mass function (IMF) in elliptical galaxies through strong lensing and stellar dynamics - Hannah Turner
The LISA project - Connor Weaving

Thursday 14 January 2021: 16:00-16:45 [GMT]

Galaxy-galaxy lensing in cosmology - Daniel Ballard
Identifying Cosmic Structures - Tibor Dome
Primordial Black Holes and 21cm Cosmology - Thomas Gessey-Jones
Nonlinear cosmic structure formation - Alex Gough
Quantum Stochastic Processes in the Very Early Universe - Joseph Jackson
Statistical Cosmology from the Weak Lensing of Gravitational Waves - Charlie Mpetha
The potential of kinetic inductance detectors for CMB studies - Gethin Robson
Effectiveness of Clustering Map in Minkowski Functional Analysis - Nisha Grewal

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